I went to the amazon page for that giant keg of lube and I’m kind of afraid



where the fuck do I even start with these

i can’t believe ddt was a pesticide this entire time

but i don’t think anyone actually realises how sad i was when edge retired. just thinking about it now, i was so distraught, genuinely don’t remember the last time i was so upset before that

16 Apr 14 at 9 pm
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being nine years old and john cena’s ruck fules t-shirt was the most scandalous thing ever

16 Apr 14 at 8 pm

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16 Apr 14 at 8 pm

This has been nominated for Outstanding Talk Show Episode at this year’s GLAAD awards!

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my life right now is “I can’t wait until I have time to myself to do (X activity)”

*sniffs crushed meth off knife* ti-ti-ti-TIGHT